Prestige Shogun
Prestige Shogun Prieš 41 minutę
Sam has not shown any type of growth and with the way our division is going to look, why wait until his 5th or 6th season to finally make the playoffs when we could take someone like Fields and build around him to get there faster.
Sebastian Jayden
Sebastian Jayden Prieš val
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Larry Simmons
Larry Simmons Prieš val
He looks fat
Laurens Hoosbeek
Laurens Hoosbeek Prieš 2 val
Is this the same Lawrence who was absolutely crushed by Justin Field the other day? Why is he not the nr 1 pick. Fields goes to the Jets
Billy Simmons
Billy Simmons Prieš 2 val
Nope, Atlanta isn’t trading to #2 for Zach Wilson, they could sit at #4 and get the same guy. IMHO
Alonzo Mcdowell
Alonzo Mcdowell Prieš 4 val
Stay with Sam Darnold , makes more sense
Prestige Shogun
Prestige Shogun Prieš 42 minutes
It makes zero sense.
Nick Jim
Nick Jim Prieš 4 val
I mean, sam darnold is probably stilll a baller but he's been "blessed " to play for the Jets. Look at Allen, he was quite raw his first 2 years, then they got him a true number 1 receiver and he becomes a dark horse mvp candidate. Meanwhile darnold runs for his life, doesn't have any skill players to work with. So ....
93myj Prieš 6 val
I’m up to see more like sander coach hbcu school
Dequavis Official
Dequavis Official Prieš 7 val
DC! Callin it.
Mo Vo
Mo Vo Prieš 8 val
Everybody wants Trev to be the next payton Manning and the others to drop out of the league in a few years
Kyle Csizmar
Kyle Csizmar Prieš 8 val
Anyone who says that we should keep darnold has not been watching jets games. Yes he has had a bad surrounding cast but his footwork and decision making is horrible. Reset the rookie contract and take a chance on Mormon Mahomes.
Jet Life
Jet Life Prieš 8 val
They better keep Sam !
Mo Vo
Mo Vo Prieš 8 val
Trade down, stop picking a QB every year, smh
Jim Christiansen
Jim Christiansen Prieš 9 val
SIU had the best Halloween bashes !
CancelAnime Prieš 9 val
Justin Fields is the most disrespected Quarterback draft prospect since Baker Mayfield.
Elijah Pemberton
Elijah Pemberton Prieš 9 val
They are trying to sell Sam Darnold hard
SkyHigh Music
SkyHigh Music Prieš 9 val
DOUBLETBMC Prieš 10 val
Broadcast more FCS this spring on regular ESPN channels
Jonathan Scott
Jonathan Scott Prieš 10 val
Fields > Wilson look at the Wilson highlights they show, he's got all day to throw and his WRs are wide open lol didn't face a single top 10 defense all year. NO way do you spend #2 on him. Fields is proven over the last 2 seasons he's the real deal
Robb James
Robb James Prieš 7 val
That’s not how you evaluate it though, you base it on who has the highest ceiling. Physically... fields is ready for the NFL since he went to the top tier school but he lacks the full skill set as a passer to be a franchise QB at the moment due to playing in that basic RPO system. Now Wilson is just starting to peak physically, he’s a late bloomer which explains why he came out of nowhere his last season at BYU but he did develop the full skill set and feel for the game playing with non NFL talent around him. Once he really gets in a weight room and catches up physically he’ll be a lot better than fields. He doesn’t have a stronger arm than fields but he does more with it. Hard to say... we can’t predict how guys will adapt to the NFL, where they go has A LOT to do with their development/ascension but i would have to put my money on Wilson panning out long term. Hopefully neither go to the Jets as i think both would probably bust there
Tyler Therriault
Tyler Therriault Prieš 10 val
Has joe stoffel played yet?
Alex Wiseman
Alex Wiseman Prieš 10 val
Why are they not fbs
Jeffrey White
Jeffrey White Prieš 10 val
Never gets old
Carson Crotty
Carson Crotty Prieš 10 val
Justin fields is just jalen hurts
Aquatic Ape
Aquatic Ape Prieš 10 val
If Clowney had an IQ high enough to get him in to college without a scholarship, he'd have declared for the NFL draft during that interview...
ChuckTown Gaming
ChuckTown Gaming Prieš 11 val
#4 looks like and plays like Deshaun Watson no cap
Demetrius Carter
Demetrius Carter Prieš 11 val
Sam Ehlinger, Mac Jones and Kyle Trask are better QB prospect than Wilson
theocratickingdom30 Prieš 3 val
As a gator fan, I love Trask. But, he has serious flaws. He is stiff and his biggest problem is a lack of arm strength.
Demetrius Carter
Demetrius Carter Prieš 7 val
@Mitchell Goldschmidt say what you want he put up good number against top tier opponents outside the Big 12 Texas didn’t win many big games Elhlinger preform well in most of them
Mitchell Goldschmidt
Mitchell Goldschmidt Prieš 10 val
Sam 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂l he a joke and a bust
Parker Lawhon
Parker Lawhon Prieš 11 val
JMU about to win it all
Alohavibez808 Prieš 11 val
Always admire Mel Kiper Jr and Todd McShay around this time of year🤩🙌🏽🤓💯
Roland Edwards
Roland Edwards Prieš 11 val
The past 20years all the Jets QB have been a BUST.Wilson will be the same 🤔🏈😤.
i am
i am Prieš 11 val
39 game win streak snapped....must have played a real team finally....oh, they did, the Slackies?..Sulakis?...Salukis?... Who???
Braxton Boyz
Braxton Boyz Prieš 12 val
Jsu could have scrimmage each other and got a better look then this what EWC NAIA they not even division 2
Braxton Boyz
Braxton Boyz Prieš 12 val
B Par
B Par Prieš 12 val
Guys is going to tank compared to the hype. Bet he isn't even a starter beginning year 2
M. Watts
M. Watts Prieš 13 val
I’d stick with Sam too.
Evan Roden
Evan Roden Prieš 13 val
#8 is the most hated man in North Dakota now.
It's Snoopy
It's Snoopy Prieš 13 val
How many different ways will ESPN milk the jets this offseason??? 🤔
Geoff Parker
Geoff Parker Prieš 13 val
Then they met the Dynasty from Tuscaloosa, then the hype was silenced
Justin Dupuis
Justin Dupuis Prieš 13 val
The Jets getting a QB would be a waste.
Yash Talaulikar
Yash Talaulikar Prieš 9 val
Can't believe these people. They are the same ones who say Kaepernick shouldn't have got a job even as a back-up, even though in his last season, he threw 16 TDs and only 4 interceptions in 11 games with less than what Sam Darnold EVER has had.
Yash Talaulikar
Yash Talaulikar Prieš 9 val
@quantae06 Why not draft a rookie QB who's much more promising than Darnold ever was and ever will be, sign Allen Robinson or another receiver or 2, sign a running back like Aaron Jones, and BOOM! You got yourself a team.
quantae06 Prieš 9 val
@Yash Talaulikar So, draft a good QB and put him in a bad situation. Smh... Better off getting a veteran QB and drafting players around him if that's the case. Come back next season and draft a QB.
Yash Talaulikar
Yash Talaulikar Prieš 9 val
Sam Darnold is bad. He tries, but even with a limited cast, if you're a starter you will have to throw more than 9 TDs in 13 games. Plus half his interceptions are straight to the opposing DB and are plain dumb.
quantae06 Prieš 13 val
Fact! They will ruin that man's career. Get some talent on that team.
Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 Li
Easy Recipes and Delicious Foods 李姐 Li Prieš 13 val
Welcome to my channel, welcome everyone!
C V Prieš 13 val
I've seen him. He's useless. Watch he's gunna ask to leave early
ESPN College Football
ESPN College Football Prieš 13 val
0:00 Mel Kiper Jr. believes the Jets will keep Sam Darnold. 3:00 Mel Kiper Jr. also weighs in on his belief that the San Francisco 49ers possibly trading up to grab Justin Fields or Trey Lance. 5:32 Mel Kiper Jr. also believes the New England Patriots could draft Mac Jones.
J Rosa
J Rosa Prieš 13 val
When was this game played?
Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox Prieš 14 val
LOL, I still remember them beating Iowa.
No idea What's my name is
No idea What's my name is Prieš 14 val
Nice to see these cocky jerks get a little taste of defeat
Mike Pelligrino
Mike Pelligrino Prieš 14 val
Wilson cant be any worse than ghosts Darnold
Seth Prieš 14 val
With or without Trey Lance SIU still wins this game.
Antbeast23 Prieš 14 val
The same guy that dissed coastal carolina
Krandle 47
Krandle 47 Prieš 15 val
This continual defense of Sam Darnold is insane. Dude is exactly who he was in college, and never improved. Gase did not hold him back, if anything, he held the offense back, which says a lot
Paye Mialor
Paye Mialor Prieš 15 val
This dude is my kinsman we from the same tribe in Liberia 🇱🇷 so emotional and inspirational am happy for him 💪
Peen Head
Peen Head Prieš 15 val
reminds me of Eli Manning
Randy Smith
Randy Smith Prieš 15 val
Even the offensive line athletic
MTG !!!
MTG !!! Prieš 15 val
Justine fields is the 2nd qb on the board these other guy's are solid but Justine ceiling is higher then Mac Jones and the BYU qb.
MTG !!!
MTG !!! Prieš 15 val
Mac Jones in the top 10 is ridiculous. He had great weapons I didn't see top 10 talent when I look at him I see a game Manger who you can win with not a stud can't miss pro bowl qb.
Carlos Kreek
Carlos Kreek Prieš 5 val
So did Joe burrow and look how he did until injury. Tua had more weapons before his draft than Mac. Mac did his production with 2 less games, down Waddle (who many considered the best receiver prior to Smith emergence), and minus 2 other star receivers (Jeudy and Ruggs) who left a year early. I do see Fields' talent, but don't dismiss Jones either. Herbert was dismissed and look how he did, even in the losses with the chargers.
ClintDempsey76 Prieš 16 val
Toney and Pitts really left the Gators out to dry
Tanya Prieš 16 val
Loved what Tim said about Tiger Stadium and its fans. There is nothing better than to be in Tiger stadium on a Saturday night.
Ed in Florida
Ed in Florida Prieš 17 val
What about Trey Lance?
Justin Bingham
Justin Bingham Prieš 17 val
Wilson is a huge risk. Never played against great defensive backs in college.
The Discussion
The Discussion Prieš 17 val
Me: What reason do you have to give for Fields being a bust? People who watch too much ESPN: He played for Ohio St like Haskins and we all know how that turned out. Nobody can give any legit reason for Fields being a bust without mentioning Haskins or the term “OSU QB” lmfao.
Jason Tuscaloosa
Jason Tuscaloosa Prieš 17 val
Mac > Trevor
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez Prieš 18 val
The aberrant observation lamentably injure because size locally bake astride a gorgeous thursday. cooperative, magical wrinkle
lil Yeaaye
lil Yeaaye Prieš 19 val
Lance Wasn’t playing
Tyron Pouncey
Tyron Pouncey Prieš 19 val
New England do me a favor do not listen to this man
Certified Chaos
Certified Chaos Prieš 19 val
That’s how dynamic he was. He was so dominated at the pro lovel often times we forget about his college career
gulfchaos1961 Prieš 19 val
The dumbest thing I've ever heard . McElroy didn't throw nearly as much as Jones . Because he wasn't nearly as good a passer .
QAZAZZA Prieš 20 val
Mac Loudermilk what a name lol
luis ortiz
luis ortiz Prieš 20 val
We need him looks just like a young Strahan
Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin Prieš 20 val
Will FCS come back in the fall and play a full season?
Antbeast23 Prieš 20 val
Bro if the vtech player threw it across the field at the end the player had so much grass on the other side
M. Watts
M. Watts Prieš 21 val
39 straight is something to be proud of.
clifford yawn
clifford yawn Prieš 21 val
And...he only started for 1 year. Can you believe it?😳😳😳
Jack White
Jack White Prieš 21 val
Who cares about beating teams we never heard of.
Eoin Cormack
Eoin Cormack Prieš 22 val
No quarterback in the league could have succeeded in that jets offence last season, for me the argument against Sam is whether he’s broken mentally or not.
Alonzo Mcdowell
Alonzo Mcdowell Prieš 22 val
Mac Jones to the 49ers
Mr. Tuda
Mr. Tuda Prieš 22 val
Like I said it’s not about Sam vs Wilson is about. Keeping Sam plus the trade back value at 2 I think that’s worth more than picking a project at 2 we already have one
Bogard Sparks
Bogard Sparks Prieš 23 val
I don't understand all this Zach Wilson talk. What conference did he play in? Every touchdown on this highlight all the receivers were wide open. I can't judge a guy when they're playing inferior competition.
Peter Lochridge
Peter Lochridge Prieš 11 val
Good thing you weren’t the GM of the Steelers when they drafted Big Ben at Miami of Ohio in the MAC conference. The bottom three teams in this low level conference were 6-31 his last year. Joe Douglas was the lead scout that pushed Ozzie Newsome to draft little known Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco out of that football factory University of Delaware.Steve McNair out of Alcorn St. there are plenty examples of outstanding QB’s that didn’t play at the biggest schools. Your argument is lazy and lacking facts.
Riley Michels
Riley Michels Prieš 17 val
Wide open? We must not have been watching the same tape
mike hand
mike hand Prieš 23 val
very important news from important people about important people,very silly people acting like big people.PLAYTIME IS OVER
Justin Teamer
Justin Teamer Prieš 23 val
these teams are gonna be in the natty for at least 2-3 years inna row
A1 Day 1
A1 Day 1 Prieš dieną
“Process quicker” sounds like someone understanding what they been coached up on
Jonathan Scott
Jonathan Scott Prieš dieną
Justin Fields > Zach Wilson don't fall for the paid hype Fields will be a JET
Dirty Flirty
Dirty Flirty Prieš 15 val
I hope not I like sam