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hahahahahahaha nina and sphofia is so funy
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its broke not normal
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Lots of these videos about how to sneak food and drinks but this guy at 1.33 is drinking coke
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make a video about how to change tight clothes to fashionable ones
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Love Lilly❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
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It's okay if someone is wearing the same outfit like you right? That's not awkward
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Where is Vicky and Emily??
Md Muslehuddin
Md Muslehuddin Prieš 5 val
Also Lilly, Sophia, Lana and Vicky they are best.
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I have a short hair 👩
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So go find us a camera OK
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Like is just Chewing A long Gum With the Boy Vlogger
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Ble ble
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I am like normal person and some thingd match with wierode
Adhishree Nagar
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so I if I get up from bed I’m a psycho? I hate to admit this but getting up from bed does’t really matter u don’t become a psycho! Andrew Turpin is right about what he said! Everyone (well almost my sis doesn’t do this but who cares) is not a psycho if they do this! Also I clip my chips I ain’t a weirdo!
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When it first started I need to reply it I thought I click on a the wrong video
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Hey you guys copy jinhao tan the begining until the end
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I definently want to become like nina when she is a rich girl she had a fog o want to be like that
Sherly Thomas
Sherly Thomas Prieš 6 val
Really on LTburn u post a vedios which is your version it's not to be inspired by someone and you have not even credited it after people commented that only you did that it's very awkward everything even the reactions background is copied
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She dose not have the best boy voice but I love there videos
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That was so exciting to see Lana was going to kill Lily
Люда Сліпенко
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Everyone, the hack in this video doesn't work. Out of all these tools, only Instahaxor worked for me.
Manha Shahzad
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Excuse me this is very important if u eat very sweets u will have cavity's because I always eat and now I have cavity's because of sweets and now if u have cavity's and u eat it will hurt ur tooth
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I love 123 go channel
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Lana and Lily are best in pranking
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Hi 👋 Guys these videos are so nice & funny why can't u come up with a idea like Gold vs silver & mum and daughter body switch & Angel vs demon 😁 video's u guys
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Lilly and lana are exteremly nice and beati also😍👭💗
Akshita Guha Thakurta
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5:51, this is exactly true, devices have simply mentally separated us from our dearest friends, they just don/t seem to care about our existence.
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Kavitha palletur
Kavitha palletur Prieš 6 val
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