Therefore I Am

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Billie Eilish - Topic

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Therefore I Am · Billie Eilish
Therefore I Am
℗ 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records
Released on: 2020-11-12
Producer, Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: FINNEAS
Studio Personnel, Mixer: Rob Kinelski
Associated Performer, Vocals: Billie Eilish
Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Dave Kutch
Composer Lyricist: Billie Eilish O'Connell
Composer Lyricist: Finneas O'Connell
Auto-generated by LTburn.

PixelMiners Prieš 25 minučių
1st listening: this is ok 2nd: good 3rd Very good 4th Perfect 5th LEGENDARY
youtubei Prieš 45 minučių
Anota un liked.
vlex756 Prieš val
Perfect music for any stripper routine!
Wilec Prieš 2 val
Omg Allied Mastercomputer fansong 😶😳😶😳😳💻🖥
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Prieš 2 val
Someone body shamed Billie and she really said “suck this” and made a entire banger
fairus abd wahab
fairus abd wahab Prieš 2 val
Eliana Cifuentes
Eliana Cifuentes Prieš 3 val
suddenly i became gay,damn.
Hailey Foscue
Hailey Foscue Prieš 4 val
"I really couldn't care less and you could give em my best but just know" DAMN BILLIE 👌
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Prieš 2 val
Okay but does no one hear Beyoncé when Billie went “Stop.. what the hell are you talking about?”
Allan Aguilar
Allan Aguilar Prieš 5 val
1:22 is the best moment of the song (AMA'S 2020) Lol
Elianna Eccleston
Elianna Eccleston Prieš 4 val
yess i love
tristan raffan
tristan raffan Prieš 5 val
comments are kinda bland.
Kadda Nice
Kadda Nice Prieš 5 val
Dop what se hell are u talking abaut
Tellin 988
Tellin 988 Prieš 5 val
2021 en efecto
olivia Prieš 7 val
‘stop what the hell are you talking about?’ 0:25
Keigo's Baby Bird
Keigo's Baby Bird Prieš 8 val
Im tired of some Billie Eilish stans, Cause IM NOT a stan I'm more Melanie Martinez or Mother Mother or Sub Urban but ANYWAYS! Can't I enjoy her music without BEING a STAN???
Elianna Eccleston
Elianna Eccleston Prieš 4 val
yes of course, you don't have to be a big fan of an artist to like their music.
MelinaApesetche Prieš 8 val
*The worst part of the song: **2:54*
Ranya Mulk
Ranya Mulk Prieš 10 val
now all the haters are 6 feet under and bad guys after hearing this
cielo katy cherres
cielo katy cherres Prieš 10 val
te quiero/i love you - - - - - -LIKE PARA NO SER BORRADA/LIKE NOT TO BE DELETED
Logan Cox
Logan Cox Prieš 11 val
duuuuuuuuuude i have vibed to this so many times that i know every word
M a j o ;
M a j o ; Prieš 11 val
latina fan aqui :) es puro arte
Asilo para niños
Asilo para niños Prieš 11 val
La castrosa de el salón: *Me habla* Automáticamente yo:
Keyshalee Torres
Keyshalee Torres Prieš 11 val
why this got so many dislikes damn
xx Lxvenderr
xx Lxvenderr Prieš 12 val
Okay but does no one hear Beyoncé when Billie went “Stop.. what the hell are you talking about?”
Sky Prieš 12 val
I just love this song so much; I don't care what it's about. I love it.
Bre'auna Person
Bre'auna Person Prieš 13 val
This song wus made on my birthday (✿◡‿◡)
Michael J. Cobb
Michael J. Cobb Prieš 13 val
I did a lofi hip hop remix on my channel. Feel free to check it out 🖤
Madelyn Cheng
Madelyn Cheng Prieš 13 val
Is this about Danielle Brogeli? I’m actually paying attention to the lyrics and just picked it out. Not here to start tea, just curious 🧐
Ira Star
Ira Star Prieš 13 val
This is how billie says "f you body shamers" in the most polite way ever.
Gaia Santucci
Gaia Santucci Prieš 14 val
i come here every day lol
evoleth vfuentes
evoleth vfuentes Prieš 14 val
ROSE TEA Prieš 15 val
"𝗜'𝗺 𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗳𝗿𝗶𝗲𝗻𝗱"
Fenna's Mistakes
Fenna's Mistakes Prieš 15 val
hey just a question, is that popcorn?
Dicky 1337
Dicky 1337 Prieš 16 val
30% сюда пришли из за песни в мувиках :D
Lavínia Dooldy
Lavínia Dooldy Prieš 16 val
this song addicted me
Kennedy Blakeman
Kennedy Blakeman Prieš 16 val
I'm such a fan I love ur music expesially this song
Rhiannon Fauna
Rhiannon Fauna Prieš 16 val
I like to pretend this song is about rejecting clout hungry influencers
Mxnga_Bxy Prieš 17 val
Drown out the sound of my online school work with Billie Eilish? yes
Mae Fall XPLR
Mae Fall XPLR Prieš 17 val
Iulia Castro
Iulia Castro Prieš 17 val
Cartesio: approves
Xoxo exe
Xoxo exe Prieš 17 val
te dei🤲🏻 o sol☀️🌤️ te dei o mar🌊🏄‍♀🌅 pra ganhar 🎉🥇seu coração👉🏻💖❤️ você é raio ⛈️⚡de saudade 💔 meteoro ☄️☄️da paixão 😍🥰🥰 explosão 💥💣 de sentimentos 💞🤯💌 quase nao pude🙅🏻‍♀️❌ acreditar 🙏🏻🤷🏻‍♀️❓ AAAAAAAAA 📣🗣️ como eh bom 😄😌poder te amar 😍😚🥰💞💞❤️💞
TaOstatnia Prieš 17 val
I love this mashup with Corpse voice
Carlos Loshuertos Pop
Carlos Loshuertos Pop Prieš 18 val
Desiree Hicks
Desiree Hicks Prieš 19 val
i freaking love uuuuuu
Ma Am
Ma Am Prieš 19 val
LOEV 😭🖇️
Ma Am
Ma Am Prieš 19 val
LOEV 😭🖇️
Rare 76
Rare 76 Prieš 20 val
Narieth Arenas
Narieth Arenas Prieš 22 val
0:26 uwu
Thatkidneedsomemilk Now
Thatkidneedsomemilk Now Prieš 22 val
1:57 I’m sorry I don’t think I got your name
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Prieš 23 val
billie’s growing up.
ВикаВероника Лавренкова
ВикаВероника Лавренкова Prieš dieną
Вы прошли долгий путь... Что бы найти русско говорящиво 😅
Gaby Villa
Gaby Villa Prieš dieną
Billie illish makes everyone's day (^-^)
Jordan Oh
Jordan Oh Prieš dieną
Oh look the dislikes tried to like the video again upside down
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Prieš 23 val
this song makes me wanna tell corona to wear a mask
Cheri the beatles lover04
Cheri the beatles lover04 Prieš dieną
Body shamers: >:000000 Billie: stop what the holl are you talking about? ( btw I dont say hell sry)
Jaeminsclout Prieš dieną
Hear me out, Earbuds in both ears. Full blast. Home alone. good job. you just had your own concert with billie eilish
Y’all Ugly but I love you
Y’all Ugly but I love you Prieš dieną
I love listening to this knowing I left all those toxic bitches out of my life
Mjacksoninspire Vogel
Mjacksoninspire Vogel Prieš dieną
I'm breaking the repeat button on this
Verónica Rincón Acuña
Verónica Rincón Acuña Prieš dieną
Perfecta para dedicar una indirecta. :>
Bexley Hossler
Bexley Hossler Prieš dieną
I've been playing this song at least 10 times in a row bc I love it 🖤
Nia Poole
Nia Poole Prieš dieną
Me: So your giving me are giving me a better grade? My teacher: Stop what the hell are you talking bout
Maria Fernanda Gudiel Hernandez
Maria Fernanda Gudiel Hernandez Prieš dieną
0:25 tik tok part lol
mxarrylikestolive Prieš dieną
billie wrote a whole SONG to the incels
Jolie Garcia
Jolie Garcia Prieš dieną
This song didn’t come out a long time ago and it’s already trending But hey, I’m not mad about it
ashnikko ft billie ... it would be explosive!!!
Luciene Crescêncio
Luciene Crescêncio Prieš dieną
Stop, what the hell are you talking about? 😳
Soi Beann
Soi Beann Prieš dieną
Teachers be like
Siri B
Siri B Prieš dieną
Now any time I hear this song I always think about the music video XD
Cadence Clayton
Cadence Clayton Prieš dieną
this song makes me wanna tell corona to wear a mask
no thats wrong
no thats wrong Prieš dieną
i dont listen to billie that much, but this slaps 😳
just a panamanian girl lol
just a panamanian girl lol Prieš dieną
she just made 3 songs this year- if you ask me the worst artist lol- this isn't even good
JT X Prieš dieną
She saved 2020 music😫
Hugo Castro
Hugo Castro Prieš dieną
muy buena canción me encanta
Marie's Everyday Life
Marie's Everyday Life Prieš dieną
"Keep my pretty name out of your mouth" Yes Ma'am! You tell them!
Robot Munkee
Robot Munkee Prieš dieną
Her music is so weak and pathetic. Sounds like sh*t a dumb naïve kid would say and think is insightful. LOL so pathetic.
zahraa Ahmad
zahraa Ahmad Prieš dieną
Michele Mowry
Michele Mowry Prieš dieną
Thank you for the most perfect song, word for word, for the perfect moment in my life yesterday. You just got a fan for life💯❤🦖
Sadiah Ramos
Sadiah Ramos Prieš dieną
The facts that tiktok has found this song in less then a week is sad
Scarlett Calderon Aguilar
Scarlett Calderon Aguilar Prieš dieną
Ammm sorry ammmm sorry 🤫🤫
Jack H.
Jack H. Prieš dieną
Best song!!!!!! 🤪🥴🥴
Farrah Kearney
Farrah Kearney Prieš dieną
Billie gets so much hate but she just pushes it all off and she is my litteral idle and I wish i could be like her as I have a big group of bullys and it just gets to me so whenever i feel sad i just listen to her music and it gets me right back up and happy :)
isabela cubero
isabela cubero Prieš dieną
I am not a truly fan, but damn this is the best song of the year
Diego Sabino
Diego Sabino Prieš dieną
qual o significado dessa vaso quebrado da capa?
Foxy Girl
Foxy Girl Prieš dieną
alguien me puede decir ke instrumentos salen en esta cansion? :'v es para una tarea :''v / Can someone tell me the instruments that have been used for this song? It's for homework :'v
Rehana Saiafi
Rehana Saiafi Prieš dieną
I love the part she says stop what the hell are u takin about like hdh f2f fjpwndhvfufbdkrhdjhffbjdjw
Mother Onion
Mother Onion Prieš dieną
I was avoiding this song but it actually slaps
I love how she literally pulled an uno reverse on the Body Shamers
Mrs. Sunny
Mrs. Sunny Prieš dieną
꧁ Itz_Wxlf Mel cHan u w u ꧂
꧁ Itz_Wxlf Mel cHan u w u ꧂ Prieš dieną
Michael J. Cobb
Michael J. Cobb Prieš dieną
I did a lofi hip hop remix on my channel. Feel free to check it out 🖤
Sıla Sayar
Sıla Sayar Prieš dieną
çok güzel kanka başarıların devamını dilerim. ÖNDER AYGÖREN
Alissa de Jong
Alissa de Jong Prieš dieną
hello billie i am your biggest fan i love you and your songs bye
Anna Karoliny
Anna Karoliny Prieš dieną
Alguém Brasil? Kkk
Elsie Rose
Elsie Rose Prieš dieną
those aint dislikes, just likes from Australia
Michał Wiśniewski
Michał Wiśniewski Prieš dieną
I think therefore I am, it's so deep.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Prieš dieną
Therefore I am - November 12, 2020 Everything I wanted - November 13, 2019 -Therefore I am everything I wanted - edit: Thanks for all the likes lol
Angel mario rodruguez salinas
Angel mario rodruguez salinas Prieš dieną
random person
random person Prieš dieną
I hate how tiktok abused the "stop, what the hell are you talking about? Get my pretty name out of your mouth" 👀
Hendi Tama
Hendi Tama Prieš dieną
The autotune reminds me of The Fame vibes by lady gaga...
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Prieš dieną
I love you
Berry_flavored Prieš 2 dienas
Don't mind me just leaving a comment before there is atleast 50k comments
MayjorZay Prieš 2 dienas
andrea slaski
andrea slaski Prieš 2 dienas
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Gucci Man
Gucci Man Prieš 2 dienas
0:26 use your own voice/language
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