Building an Electric Magic Wand to Celebrate 4 MILLION SUBS

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Introduction and Celebration!
1:01 Design of the wand and its handle
3:30 ZVS circuit design and build
8:16 Voltage multiplier circuit design and build
11:36 Putting ZVS and Multiplier together
15:59 THE WAND and testing it!

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Thank you AGAIN and AGAIN everyone for the views and likes and all that has kept me going all these years!!! NOW OFF TO 10 MILLION!
Chicken Prieš 4 val
Chicken Prieš 4 val
Mario Puzo
Mario Puzo Prieš 19 val
Hey boom..project suggestion for you...would love to see you make a few different sized guitar "talk box's" that are powered via amp and horn driver. Cheers
Mario Puzo
Mario Puzo Prieš 19 val
Does some rare phenomenon happen when you play AC/DC - Thunderstruck? It must be "rectifying"...... Shocker. Maybe less depending on your resistance. 😉
Houes Afef
Houes Afef Prieš 20 val
Btw i love your vids
Zequinox 00
Zequinox 00 Prieš 12 minučių
You reminded of that wizard from Smurfs
FennecTECH Prieš 25 minučių
*Sees mehdi is playing with high voltage again*. “This can only result in extreme pain”
Spion Kanan
Spion Kanan Prieš 36 minučių
Arrrrrrrrrggghhh.... I want the keysight #regard from Indonesia 🙏🏻
PTFS Airbus
PTFS Airbus Prieš 57 minučių
First time to shock in the head 17:34
Luzifer 4m0k
Luzifer 4m0k Prieš val
what multimeter is that one?
Leodan4 Prieš val
Arjune Pal
Arjune Pal Prieš val
Medhi, Thank you for making very nice videos. I'm a teacher in a small private school in the Philippines and I watch your videos before my physics class preparations. I also recommend your videos to my students and co teachers.
Fortnite Killa
Fortnite Killa Prieš 2 val
He looks like gargamel from the smurfs
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Prieš 2 val
Now you could magically turn off lights in streets like in Harry Potter
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Prieš 2 val
Skrewtality Prieš 2 val
Ark Boss
Ark Boss Prieš 2 val
I love watching you hurt ur self
C0ke Prieš 3 val
yamyam_tg s
yamyam_tg s Prieš 3 val
hell yeah already at 4.3 million
Lestat Prieš 3 val
Repeloou... ITS LEVIOUSAAHHH!! Nice worck my friend amazing job!!!
Little Rabbit
Little Rabbit Prieš 3 val
A nice toy for BDSM
Daniel Lujan
Daniel Lujan Prieš 4 val
Hes still alive 😆
Cesario martins dias
Cesario martins dias Prieš 4 val
aspark owl pleas can maic mor power 1.8sec or 1.5 sec....🤪😘
Ryan Monroe
Ryan Monroe Prieš 4 val
So we just register for the keysitelab seminar?
Kenston Hunt
Kenston Hunt Prieš 4 val
11:32 this is what hm.
SD Water
SD Water Prieš 4 val
At 10:58, it looks again like the magic wands he didn't want it to look like lol
Murilo Jacob
Murilo Jacob Prieš 4 val
"It's probably the biggest dild... I mean ehhh magic wand I've ever made"
Random Souls
Random Souls Prieš 5 val
Imagine, try to do it in 1600
jamil phillips
jamil phillips Prieš 5 val
Nicolas Faust
Nicolas Faust Prieš 5 val
16:02 best part of this video by far. The "Wand" is fun and all but I am here for the techno.
Nick Benik
Nick Benik Prieš 6 val
I knew you were not right in the head... now I have proof ;)
Fernando Maia Magia
Fernando Maia Magia Prieš 6 val
Robb Prieš 6 val
Just finding this channel and it's amazing. About 4M late but I'm in. Thank you.
Gabriel Luz
Gabriel Luz Prieš 6 val
can you make it vibrate?
Bobe Bob
Bobe Bob Prieš 6 val
It's soo funny he basically made a tazer that burns and put a bunch of metal wires on the end
Chris S
Chris S Prieš 6 val
The new Creator
The new Creator Prieš 7 val
1:40 your impression of harry potter is spot on lol love the intensity stay awesome dude!
Holzkohlen Prieš 7 val
Damn, you put so much effort into this video. It also might be my favorite video you have done... YET ;)
The Mekanik
The Mekanik Prieš 8 val
18.11 that face could be easy a meme
Troy Holmberg
Troy Holmberg Prieš 8 val
Best ringtone ever! I laugh every time I hear it. Made my day!
Brostradamus Prieš 8 val
someone needs to make a meme about him being a jedhi. ya know medhi-clorians and such. just saying.
The Mekanik
The Mekanik Prieš 8 val
Mostly Penny Cat
Mostly Penny Cat Prieš 8 val
Things only expat Iranians can say: _"Now I can finally join the society of wizards!!"_ 🤣😉😉😉
Mr Alt
Mr Alt Prieš 8 val
Does this man think dildos and vibrators are the same?
Işıl Buket Özdil
Işıl Buket Özdil Prieš 8 val
Does anyone know the name of the cello music playing in the background at 14:21 ?
Drago Valesharu
Drago Valesharu Prieš 8 val
Mehdi made penis music!
Gilang Pratama Priadi
Gilang Pratama Priadi Prieš 8 val
How to broke your flashlight 101
Ber Nie
Ber Nie Prieš 9 val
Stopped understanding Electrical Physics after high school but I just love your content :D
jeff Prieš 9 val
lol cocaine bags
X Æ A-Xii
X Æ A-Xii Prieš 9 val
The perfect tool for destroying girls' iPhones when they wont stop taking selfies every 10 seconds!
Lester Crest
Lester Crest Prieš 9 val
I want one of them scopes 🤤
E P Prieš 9 val
I used to was tech this guy for fun but now that I'm taking engineering I actually know what he's talking about
Alibe Prieš 9 val
And this is how Mehdi became bald and killed half of the electronics in his office
Arsal Mushtaq
Arsal Mushtaq Prieš 9 val
If you're looking for electrosong, then 16:00 :)
Michael W
Michael W Prieš 10 val
*A wise man once said "Anythings a dildo if you're brave enough"*
ksta max
ksta max Prieš 10 val
16:30 Wingardium Leviosa!
ksta max
ksta max Prieš 10 val
See? there is magic
The Science Baba
The Science Baba Prieš 10 val
Abra ka Dabra is a hindi dialogue😂😂😂. Love from India
Tim Sawyer
Tim Sawyer Prieš 10 val
The vacuum is practically useless to rid your epoxy of bubbles, hence 7:54.. Pressure chamber on the other hand.. Throw that thing in a pot at 50-60 psi until it cures and you'll see some crystal clear epoxy... Just sayin for future reference.
GashimahironChl Prieš 10 val
How shocking! :)
Wagwan Games
Wagwan Games Prieš 10 val
Very smart
CubicCreator136 Prieš 10 val
16:03 the best
Energyboy5696 Prieš 10 val
How's your apple watch?
StevetheCollector18 Prieš 10 val
I don't understand a single thing about electricity but damn this was interesting to watch
owen herlihy
owen herlihy Prieš 10 val
16:02 my new ringtone
John R.
John R. Prieš 10 val
waiting for mehdi 5mil to hit 5mil
BlackWeeeb Prieš 10 val
16:03 crash twinsanity 2 leaked ost
Michael R
Michael R Prieš 10 val
John George
John George Prieš 11 val
16:02 new ringtone
mouin makary
mouin makary Prieš 11 val
it was as a horror film when when the video is about 13 min .
ChampKid Prieš 11 val
I dont understand the science stuff but im here because ur funny
Michael R
Michael R Prieš 11 val
At 9:20 I Laughed so hard!
Vikzy 101
Vikzy 101 Prieš 11 val
put this to a live pc motherboard ane see what happens please
Roland -
Roland - Prieš 11 val
Nice, I like it :3
hanim bocugu
hanim bocugu Prieš 11 val
Imagine if any of his relatives wonder why the hell the light in the room is going weird or either finds out why the electricity bill is so much
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Prieš 11 val
I love your channel. Its time to translate all your vids to spanish.
SOUAR BRAHIM Prieš 11 val
this guy is a crazy scientist/inventor xD
Guillermo Gil
Guillermo Gil Prieš 11 val
What about a video trying to fix the victims of the wand? The table and so
Stefan Prieš 11 val
Gimme that scope!
Raider Prieš 11 val
Take the wand to Linus and see if you can -shock him- kill some RAM with it.
nolemretaW Prieš 11 val
16:01 me when 1 line of code doesn't throw 15 errors
freshjori Prieš 11 val
13:18 I never felt so concerned when watching your videos
Bruce Alan
Bruce Alan Prieš 11 val
Much Like :)
memodude Prieš 11 val
The shell should look like the magic wands the cazuals use
Celso Annes
Celso Annes Prieš 11 val
That was really magic! hahahahahaha
Braden Mullaney
Braden Mullaney Prieš 12 val
How the hell can you be smart and stupid at the same time tf
Rogério Pazetto
Rogério Pazetto Prieš 12 val
16:03 ringtone
MrNaghijoon Prieš 12 val
Mehdi Joon that looks beautiful 9:24
John Stark
John Stark Prieš 12 val
Considering how JK is these days...
DJ Bassjacker
DJ Bassjacker Prieš 12 val
How the hell is he still alive?😂😂😂😂
rsoBr2Game Prieš 12 val
16:03 Eminem has been real quiet since this dropped.
Tilak Raj Singh
Tilak Raj Singh Prieš 12 val
At 17:02 we see Mr. Light, so the company already knew he was going to kill his old light.
Chike Odor
Chike Odor Prieš 12 val
No one : Literally normal: Mehdi: *Touch once oww i should be ok *touch again oww
Chike Odor
Chike Odor Prieš 12 val
Paranormal activity
Achi TOONS Prieš 12 val
Wingardium leviousa
UnhappyWithoutU Prieš 14 val
wtf 4.340.000 Now xd
Knoxville lee
Knoxville lee Prieš 14 val
thats why u have no hair
Jackal1412 Prieš 14 val
Your videos are a perfect blend of education and comedy! Thank you for years of fantastic content!
Fladan Prieš 14 val
17:14 Imagine his family getting shocked by touching the wall! =:D
DarkBoyAssassin Prieš 15 val
A lot of confused women have ended up here.
Celestial Aqua
Celestial Aqua Prieš 15 val
Me: mum can you buy me a magic wand Mum: we have one at home The one at home:
Jayden Morales
Jayden Morales Prieš 15 val
I'm fine with both wands 😉🤪😩
Jayden Morales
Jayden Morales Prieš 15 val
A back message wand sounds pretty good rn tbh
vinay kumar
vinay kumar Prieš 15 val
He reminds me of "back to the future" 🥼🥼
Player2170 Prieš 15 val
he looks like trevor from GTA5 with the thumbnail
Roketmag Prieš 15 val
Soupchicken Prieš 15 val
Just delete pain
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