DeMarcus Cousins and Markieff Morris Got Into A Scuffle

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Boogie and Markieff Morris got into it during the Lakers-Rockets game. Morris would eventually be ejected.
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FILT Prieš 2 dienas
I have genuine hatred for Morris he’s such a dirty narcissistic player. He would never actually agree to a fair one on one but he’s the first to do something slick.
Twin City
Twin City Prieš 3 dienas
Real brother type of shiit
J C Prieš 4 dienas
Morris just tried to push a wall instead of John Wall
Joshua P
Joshua P Prieš 6 dienų
Boogie would have hurt him real bad given the chance
Benjamim Guimarães
Benjamim Guimarães Prieš 7 dienų
Lakers reporter kkkkk Both get technicals? Really? 😂😂
Rahul Prieš 9 dienų
Cousins could return to L. A
JJ Redick
JJ Redick Prieš 9 dienų
Whos here after the news of Rocket may let go Cousins and could join Lakers? 😜
Bryan Sanchez
Bryan Sanchez Prieš 10 dienų
soon to be teammates?
Aelfscyne Prieš 10 dienų
LOL Morris pushes a guy to the ground and then gets all butt-hurt when the same exact thing is done to him. Just another fake NBA tough guy.
barzeem23 Prieš 14 dienų
Kieff bout it bout it
Recky Darmawan
Recky Darmawan Prieš 17 dienų
Just hate cousins.
Garrett A
Garrett A Prieš 19 dienų
lmao Cousins did the same thing Kieff just did a milisecond earlier and Kieff gonna throw a fit about it 😂 come on man
Know TheLedge
Know TheLedge Prieš 23 dienas
The morris bums always about to fight but never do LOL have these guys actually been in a fight ? With the exception of beating up there mothers 60 year old boyfriend in a club lol
Prometheus Prieš 24 dienas
Shouldn’t Anthony Davis get suspended or fined for coming off the bench like that or is that preferential treatment
Gordon Ellison
Gordon Ellison Prieš 29 dienų
Did djmeech make a voiceover of this?
Martin Kalalo
Martin Kalalo Prieš 29 dienų
I really like Cousins on the Rockets now. He's not the asshole we're used to see him before. Good thing he matured
ZAC BASS Prieš mėn
Marquief flopped like a bitch! Boogie didn't even flinch when he ran up, he know that he'd eat that dude alive. 😂 sit down mahquief
Casualgamer 4
Casualgamer 4 Prieš mėn
Not the smartest guy but if you push someone who isn’t even looking at you as hard as you can and they don’t move then you probably shouldn’t be fighting them 🤷🏽‍♂️
mello the fellow
mello the fellow Prieš mėn
Heavy weight fight
Prince.Quartez Prieš mėn
The morris twins always been known to be the NBA bullies. I really was rooting for demarcus on this one haha
glennissa frater
glennissa frater Prieš mėn
Bruh they look alike
Not me.
Not me. Prieš mėn
two morris are shit
daionLMAO Prieš mėn
Demarcus was scared🥴🥴😂😂🙄
Joe Parmesan
Joe Parmesan Prieš mėn
No one is scared of the Morris twins. He tries to punk rookies, but has gotten played at least 3 times. Davis Bertans called him a bitch right to his face too
Bavsa Lusja
Bavsa Lusja Prieš mėn
sungguuu penomenal
Bavsa Lusja
Bavsa Lusja Prieš mėn
alhamdulillah ,asih bisa dikasih kesempatan buat denger lagu ini
Salfm Jasab
Salfm Jasab Prieš mėn
mantap nihh legend
Rutysh Masaw
Rutysh Masaw Prieš mėn
kemana mereka sekarang yang nyanyi ini
Salfm Jasab
Salfm Jasab Prieš mėn
hmmm enak nyoo
Rutysh Masaw
Rutysh Masaw Prieš mėn
wakacao balao
Salfm Jasab
Salfm Jasab Prieš mėn
auto play kalo inimah
Bavsa Lusja
Bavsa Lusja Prieš mėn
ini keren pada masanya
Rutysh Masaw
Rutysh Masaw Prieš mėn
mantap nihh legend
Salfm Jasab
Salfm Jasab Prieš mėn
sungguuu penomenal
Salfm Jasab
Salfm Jasab Prieš mėn
alhamdulillah ,asih bisa dikasih kesempatan buat denger lagu ini
Salfm Jasab
Salfm Jasab Prieš mėn
mantap nihh legend
Rutysh Masaw
Rutysh Masaw Prieš mėn
mantap kakak
Rutysh Masaw
Rutysh Masaw Prieš mėn
salam dari saya, pendengar setia lagu lagu kalian
Bavsa Lusja
Bavsa Lusja Prieš mėn
ada penyanyi sekarang yang modelan nya kayak gini gak sih?
doire aintu
doire aintu Prieš mėn
Markieff didnt expect Cousins to be that heavy LOL MAN HIT A WALL
Roderick Rembert
Roderick Rembert Prieš mėn
Demarcus i salute him cause we all know once upon atime it would have not been nice
Classic Drip Rob
Classic Drip Rob Prieš mėn
Demarcus Cousins played it Smart I would risk A fight to Ruim my Career 💵💵💵
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Prieš mėn
Wow Courage nice job
doire aintu
doire aintu Prieš mėn
Fool got a running start and still didn't move an unbraced DeMarcus cousins.
ThaiDuiTx Prieš mėn
If it was a big issue Morris would’ve thrown a punch. Morris tryna act hard for no reason, he legit just did the same thing, Cousins just giving him a receipt for the purchase.
Joe Parmesan
Joe Parmesan Prieš mėn
Exactly. Morris hunts rookies, but this is 3rd time I've seen him fail his mission of intimidation. He also went after Davis Bertans last season, who called Markieff a bitch
dono suarez
dono suarez Prieš mėn
Cousins has grown alot as a person
Christopher Liu
Christopher Liu Prieš mėn
got some more respect for Cuz
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Prieš mėn
Morris need to chill he not even a type of player that can afford to be fighting they would kick him out the nba quick and not remember 😭😭💯
Rex Gonzales
Rex Gonzales Prieš mėn
Whhooohhoohoo... Boogie back to 100% 🤔? Boogie wass crazy good b4 injuries!!... One of my favs to watch. Foghet Hardy boy... We got swaggy team in H-town now. If Boogie can become top dawg again.. I'm wit it. Welcome Oladipo, the Cheetah quick predator 🙌. Markief man... I wuldnt do that to Tiger-Daddy Boogie Cuzzin.. Them tigers don't play braah.
laBoogie Prieš mėn
Love to see boogie standing out for teammates, thats how it should be
Frederick Henley
Frederick Henley Prieš mėn
Boogie thinks everybody scared of him . One of the " Folks" Zach Randolph had to show him and was ready for it too .
BenneTheGreat Prieš mėn
Nobody gonna talk about the guy that is about to sweep the floor back pedalled so quick
Tommie Luck
Tommie Luck Prieš mėn
morris a bitch, he bullied the other guy but didnt like it when he got it. lol he barely budged boogie but he had to play the role like he wanted some heat. we know he didnt.
Playa-Made- 512
Playa-Made- 512 Prieš mėn
DeMarcus is a big man in this league. Most big men take it upon themselves to be an enforcer for their team, he stood up for his teammate and kept it moving
LaZy3Y3zZz JeaNZ
LaZy3Y3zZz JeaNZ Prieš mėn
Boogie have to catch up on his lost games thats why He's tampered by his own ego
Oliver Ongliongco
Oliver Ongliongco Prieš mėn
The only player who can move DC is Steven Adams, I guess 😂
Alex Bank
Alex Bank Prieš mėn
I know for a fact Morris wants no smoke from cousins
Jesse Garcia
Jesse Garcia Prieš mėn
fucking flop from Morris 🤣
Bobby Streeter
Bobby Streeter Prieš mėn
Fool got a running start and still didn't move an unbraced DeMarcus cousins.
Zippermann Joshua
Zippermann Joshua Prieš mėn
Didn't kd said everyone's just acting tough, no one really trying to fight in the NBA
Cap'n Obvious
Cap'n Obvious Prieš mėn
When the NBA becomes the NHL
Nick Jim-Lawson
Nick Jim-Lawson Prieš mėn
I fw both these dude. But boogie would mop kief azz no cap. Morris got go but boogie different
Slime 2 Shiesty
Slime 2 Shiesty Prieš mėn
Morris need to chill he not even a type of player that can afford to be fighting they would kick him out the nba quick and not remember 😭😭💯
Slime 2 Shiesty
Slime 2 Shiesty Prieš mėn
They way he pushed him look like it was hard asf but boogie barely moved 🤣🤣
Slime 2 Shiesty
Slime 2 Shiesty Prieš mėn
Nobody gonna talk about harrell sportsman ship got Morris back cool
Sneaker Klinic
Sneaker Klinic Prieš mėn
Boogie just defending his teammate. 😂 Morris used all his strength to shove him down but Boogie just moves a foot
Sir Kay
Sir Kay Prieš mėn
Just 'cos you retaliated like the victim doesn't mean you weren't the bully. I love a bully getting bullied and a teammate i'll like to have in life(not just in basketball) is the Boogieman.
kay poly
kay poly Prieš mėn
You are one talented funny guy my dude, just found your channel
dabug100 Prieš mėn
Haha. Cousins is afraid!!!! His brave only to people he knows he can beat up.
weakweek85 Prieš mėn
That was all Markieff for tossing Boogie's team mate on the floor. If you can't take it, don't dish it out
Yūgen Prieš mėn
Who tf is Markieff Morris anyway lol
Diane Dolomite
Diane Dolomite Prieš mėn
Like my granny said if you can't take a lick don't pass one🤣🤣
Gaoussou Coulibaly
Gaoussou Coulibaly Prieš mėn
C'est un béton armé ce cousins🤝💪💪💪
jcg 56
jcg 56 Prieš mėn
If one of these guys were white it woulda been racist
John M
John M Prieš mėn
Classic example of ‘If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out’.
i Mr. Jetpacks
i Mr. Jetpacks Prieš mėn
Boogie did what he was suppose to do! f u talkin bout
David Duncombe
David Duncombe Prieš mėn
The laker got what he deserved
white trash
white trash Prieš mėn
You can't do that bitch im the only one who can do that shit
Roach Roach
Roach Roach Prieš mėn
Lets c what his twin do now.
SonOfLiberty Prieš mėn
All he had to do was tap one of those shotty ass knees on cousins he wouldve been out for the rest of the season
Alton Nielo
Alton Nielo Prieš mėn
Morris is such an ahole
Biggin5434 Prieš mėn
That was cute
Taz Mania
Taz Mania Prieš mėn
Scary cat cousins!
Hank W
Hank W Prieš mėn
Morris you exaggerator
Yoo Daddy
Yoo Daddy Prieš mėn
NBA Soft let them fight maybe you'll get more viewership cause iknow that NBA rating is shitt
Aubrey Loving
Aubrey Loving Prieš mėn
Fake tuff guys... believe me.
Minki Bang
Minki Bang Prieš mėn
Cousins the type of dude you wanna ride around with
Mr. Sentiment Validator
Mr. Sentiment Validator Prieš mėn
Should we impeach the Lakers head coach now?
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas Prieš mėn
Boogie stood up for his teammate, blew Morris up AND looked like the more mature player. Morris threw a tantrum, did a trash move and looked like a bitch. Hey Danny Ainge, can you go ask Houston for Boogie? I love him.
Ron Biggs
Ron Biggs Prieš mėn
Morris is the bitch there. He shoved a smaller guy, the Cousins checked him.
RT Prieš mėn
Lmao. I can’t be the only one who loves watching the bullies. How do people hate the morris twins and boogie? The league needs more guys like this who aren’t trying to be everyones best friend
Loks Tv
Loks Tv Prieš mėn
At 0:50 Lebron be like, “oww shheeet i got stop morris... nah jk man whoop hiz azz lul”
The Guy Behind The Laptop
The Guy Behind The Laptop Prieš mėn
Gettin real tired of Markieff Morris. Just pisses me off every time he gets into a fight. Why does he and the other twin still play in the NBA, troublemarkers
Alian Rodríguez
Alian Rodríguez Prieš mėn
When Morris meets Boogie ,go home twin go home and cry 😆
Peace Peace
Peace Peace Prieš mėn
Morris seems all bark no bite
King Dino
King Dino Prieš mėn
i hate them morris twins boogie good shit
LJ Jr Prieš mėn
Morris is one of the worst players of nba !!! Shame of you
MarvinJeff King
MarvinJeff King Prieš mėn
At 0:40 Lebron tells Morris, "Don't worry, I know how to get Cousins out... I've been working on this 'Ow I got scratched!' skit."
Anthony Moore
Anthony Moore Prieš mėn
I’ve been trying to tell folks them Morris brothers are fake tough and pick on guards and soft big men
james chan
james chan Prieš mėn
Morris tried to be a bully and Cousins restored order and punked his ass.
Boogie knows to stay calm lol
Freych Maandig
Freych Maandig Prieš mėn
I hate markieff periodt, acting tough tho well in fact he was jus carried by lebron james to the finals last year lololololololololol
程賢瑋 Prieš mėn
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